​Consultant Gig #795–ICG calling for Global Thought Leaders, consultants in the fields of ESG, renewables and climate change

The global collaboration partner has a growing interest from clients across all sectors in the field of environmental, social and governance related needs. Everything from creating an ESG strategy to auditing ESG performance indicators to implementing technical changes to the business to driving behavioural change and communicating effectively what has been achieved. 

 Within ICG itself, we already have increasingly high levels of opportunity across the space and we need to build a larger body of ESG expertise and thought leadership.

ICG is a leading consultant platform with over 4,000 curated consultants. It has a global ESG practice largely concentrated in the UK. Following the identification of significant opportunities in the UK and beyond with a major global collaboration partner, it is looking to develop its ESG practice in order to deliver over the next few months to the collaboration partner itself and its clients. 

We are looking for both senior and more junior ESG-literate and experienced Sustainability Consultants and Experts, as well as those with a significant background in renewables and climate change policy.

 Candidates are expected to have a track record and experience in the area and if they already have an existing boutique operating then we are very happy to draw upon that level of expertise.



Start: The collaboration partner is already working with ICG to develop a series of joint offers to the market across ESG, renewables, climate change and other connected areas so we would like candidates to be able to hit the ground running with ideas to develop into their client base.

ICG anticipate that any work is likely to commence early Q4 2021. However, we believe there is a strong case to develop a significant footprint to support a meaningful consultant base.

Location: Currently the work based is in UK but that will quickly change, and we are expecting demand to be global. Candidates will be paid a per diem rate and where necessary agreed expenses. 
Rates: Prevailing market rates, dependent upon experience, plus VAT​
Close date: No later than Friday 20th August, 5pm BST