Consultant Gig #732-UK/EU-Experienced Process Management Training Expert

This organisation with its multiple entities needs to develop a training programme in process management for process owners.

Candidates are expected to be experienced process experts with experience in designing and facilitating classroom and virtual training events.  The client is looking to develop a one-day course (option to split into two half day events). 

They are looking to cover off the following topics:
  • processes in the JRC integrated management system 
  • the role of process owner 
  • setting process expectations and scope 
  • characteristics of effective processes 
  • applying process management principles to daily work
  • aligning priorities,process and outcomes
  • description of components of a process
  • impact of the customer on process improvement, process
  • improvement methodologies (i.e. Model-Based Integrated Process)
  • Improvement Methodology (MIPI) PDCA, Six sigma, Lean, total quality management, Kaizen) and tools

The stated objective of the one day course is as follows:


  • Obtain a detailed understanding of roles of process owners, modelling, analysis, improvement,optimization of processes in the frame of the JRC integrated management system 
Target audience: process owners, staff responsible for designing, reengineering or improving processes, quality  managers.

Pre-requisites for the course:
 ISO 9001:2015 course or knowledge is recommended.  The client has confirmed they are looking for an experienced trainer with background on process management, business improvement projects and process design.




Start: The collaboration partner is already selected to conduct the training, and work is expected to start shortly after engagement.  The end client expects the trainer to undertake one session initially for between 5 and 12 participants.  The successful ICG consultant will be required to meet with the end user client prior to commencement and they will have an opportunity here to discuss specific needs, scope, learning objectives, and measures of success.

It is worth noting if the training event is successful, it can be incorporated into the collaboration partners training menu, and used in the next training cycles.

The work and training can take place remotely

The net rate is expected to be €700 per day plus any VAT for delivering the training, and €600 per day plus any VAT up to a maximum of three days to develop the training materials.

Applications close: No later than Tuesday 2nd March 2021 9pm AEDT

We will review all APTs and select the best 3 applicants for the client. The client will then conduct interviews.