Consultant Gig #766–Financial Planning–Business Performance–Valuations Advisory Engagement RFQ

The advisory will include, but is not limited to:
  • Valuation Framework (including financial models, Valuations Charter, Valuations Policy and Governance and oversight)
  • Valuations process including models, assumptions and consolidation of information from sectors
  • Competency framework and training
  • Return Benchmark framework including process for obtaining benchmark data PARS access rights and segregation of duties.
Expected Outcomes & Deliverable:
The Consultant will deliver all of, but not limited to, the following, as instructed by the existing practices Internal Audit Engagement Lead:
  • Risk and Control Matrices for the processes in scope. Risk and Control Matrices shall be completed (risks, controls, ratings etc. as defined in the existing practices)
  • Completed flowcharts or narratives for the processes in scope, including walkthroughs
  • Developed and completed work program and testing sheets
  • A detailed report containing all technical details and findings (e.g. such as reports generated by testing tools)
  • Assistance in developing findings as per the Internal Audit methodology (all findings proposed shall focus on control weaknesses and be supported by validated evidence)
  • Handover of working papers including the upload of working papers into relevant documentation tools/repository throughout the engagement as required by Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority
  • Consultants shall be present at the planning, kick off, weekly progress report, exit and other meetings as requested by the Internal Audit Engagement lead
  • Consultants shall be available after fieldwork is completed until final report issuance as requested by the Internal Audit Engagement lead
  • Developing and transferring knowledge to UAE nationals assigned on the project
Resource Requirements: 
  • Senior Manager/ Director with extensive experience- in valuations
  • Experience in assessing the completeness and accuracy of valuation models and a strong understanding of governance structures and international modelling standards is mandatory.



Start: Starting 26 July and finishing 12 August 2021 (15 days)
This is an RFQ – our client is a global professional services firm submitting a bid to win this work. You do not have to help write the proposal, however, your CV will be included to indicate the professionals working on the project

Location: Abu Dhabi but working remotely from any location is possible

Rates: Daily rate to the consultant will be AUD $1,000-$1,400 depending on level of experience and seniority

Close date: No later than Friday 4 June 2021, 11pm AEST