Consultant Gig #767–Travel Expense Model Audits

The candidate will be supporting the Client in performing this audit as the travel industry expert.

  1. Are the expenses charged to ABC123, accurate and validated(wages, rent, utilities…etc)
  2. Revenue that should be passed back to ABC123 (commissions, transaction fees…etc)
  3. Airline mark ups: the client has their our own IATA, therefore as part of this engagement we will have access to the raw  IATA HOT files (with granular airline transactions). Successful candidate/firm will need to have the right software to read HOT files.
  4. Ticket on hold usage: have they retained any of the domestic taxes paid back by the airlines when a domestic ticket on hold is used for a trans-Tasman booking (this might be too specific to travel only and is this something that can be audited?



Start: Immediate start, Not fixed level of time – this time commitment is TBA

Location: Sydney-with remote working allowed

Rates: Daily rate to the consultant will be AUD $1050-$1400 for the right professional

Close date: No later than Monday 7 June 2021, 5pm AEST