Consultant Gig #787-UK/EU–Experienced Crisis Management Communications Expert

This organisation with its multiple entities needs to develop a training programme covering crisis management and effective crisis communications.
Candidates are expected to be experienced communications experts with experience in crisis management communications and training executives and staff in this area. They are looking to cover off the following topics across a multi-session training programme:


  • Trans-boundary crisis: essential knowledge, characteristics, challenges and how to respond
  • Crisis Management Cycle: difficulty of prevention, the importance of preparedness and the best practices in organising a response
  • Guidance for managers, policy officers and staff members in order to ensure a smooth functioning of the crisis team
  • Team dynamics and decision-making mechanisms during an emergency or a crisis.
The training should take into consideration more widely the lessons learned emerging from COVID-19.
The trainer(s) should ideally have proven practical experience in trans-boundary crisis management, possibly being an accomplished scholar in the area of crisis management with an in-depth knowledge of the EU’s arrangements in this field. It is desirable a practical, hands-on expertise in the field in different contexts, with also proven experiences in education and training, ideally for public sector.



Start: The training modules should ideally be composed of both:
  • Theoretical part – a traditional lesson/lecture and
  • Practical part – an interactive workshop / crisis simulation / exercise – in order to give participants the opportunity to experience a simulated crisis, experiencing how an unfolding time-constrained scenario affects their analytical and decision-making skills.
The courses could be conducted in person or remotely/web-based.
The collaboration partner is already selected to conduct the training, and work is expected to start shortly after engagement. The end client expects the trainer to undertake up to 10 one day sessions, with some 15 participants over an agreed timetable.   The successful consultant will be required to meet with the end user client prior to commencement and they will have an opportunity here to discuss specific needs and requirements.  
It is worth noting if the training cycle is successful, it can be incorporated into the collaboration partners training menu, and used in the next training cycle.
e training event is successful, it can be incorporated into the collaboration partners training menu, and used in the next training cycles.
Location: The work and training can take place remotely.
Rate: The net rate is expected to be EUR 700 per diem plus any VAT for delivering the training, and EUR 600 per diem plus any VAT up to a maximum of three days to develop the training materials. ​
Close date: No later than Wednesday 21st July 2021 5pm, BST