Consultant/Researcher Gig #745-UK-Experienced Analytical Thinking Video Presenter

The client is a global copper company producing copper in the form of concentrate, cathode, and anode, and has inventories of nickel, gold, and cobalt. They operate long life mines in several countries and employ approximately 20,000 people world-wide. After 25 years of operations, developing and successfully running complex mines and minerals processing plants, they are now one of the world’s top 10 copper producers, exporting millions of tonnes of concentrate from multiple countries to customers worldwide.

The culture of the client is a very different and very definite one – one that is supported by an equally different, very flat structure. This is all designed to do one thing: free the talent of all our people to think and act in a bolder, smarter, and more driven way


iLEARN, our client’s new learning system

iLEARN’s purpose is to build a habit and culture of learning among the 3,000 leaders.  The target is for 97% of their leaders to experience the iLEARN system at least four times a year, either as a manager enrolling employees or as a participant on an iLEARN program. Their users have an engineering mind-set, they are technically superb​, but leadership and learning is not an area of expertise​. They want iLEARN to be a fix, a solution and a simple bucket for all their learning needs.

iLearn was designed and developed in-house to be a simple, smart, attractive​ and intuitive system of the highest quality, built around the needs of the Client’s leaders. The key component of iLearn is the delivery of high-quality video learning.

The Client requires analytical thinking experts able to create and deliver, direct, to the point, engaging content.

The preferred Analytical Thinking process is:

  1. Write down all your Observations – whether they are measurements, reviews, studies, discussions, or hearsay.
  2. From these make a list of Deductions – no deduction unless it is derived from the observations, do not jump to any conclusion.
  3. From these make your Conclusion – this must come from a Deduction to ensure it’s based on what you’ve seen, heard, measured.
  4. If in steps 2 or 3 you find that you are about to write down a Deduction or Conclusion not based on your Observations, revisit the Observations, and add whatever it is that made you think this.

 The client wants to replace four Analytical Thinking Training Modules:

All courses consist of a short introduction video, followed by five instructional videos


Start: Work is likely to commence as soon as possible. 

Location: The work will be delivered via iLEARN and be done as remotely as possible. 

Rates: The fee payable to the successful applicant will be GBP 9,000 plus VAT. 

Close date: No later than Tuesday 13th April 2021 9pm BST (UK)




Consultant Gig #930–Port Moresby–ATM advisor

An ICG banking client, located in Papua New Guinea. The client is looking for an independent, highly experienced ATM specialist to assess the performance / operations of their ATM fleet. Knowledge of Diebold / NCR brands required.

Consultant Gig #927–CANBERRA–Program Master Scheduler

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