ICG Webinar – Pivoting your Propositions in post COVID times

 “The future is here, but it is not evenly distributed”  

                              William Gibson


It used to be that customer needs was the only way to differentiate your products and services among a sea of sameness. Now the challenge is not just to stand-out, but to innovate and transform as customer needs continue to evolve in post COVID times.

Next week, we will kick off our new series with the topic of product and service generation, how to build a business case to meet customer needs and business  goals.

 “Pivoting your propositions in post COVID times”

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You are invited to attend the first session of our series on 

Tuesday 28/7/2020.

Date    Tuesday 28/7/2020

3pm Singapore, Hong Kong and China
2 pm Indonesia & Vietnam
12:30 pm India (East)
8 am London
5 pm Sydney
7 pm Auckland


“Pivoting your propositions in post COVID times


Daryl Dunbar & Wade Azmy – ICG Asia


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