ICG IN THE MEDIA: A consultant’s search for good nutrition opened a Pandora’s box of snake oil salesmen and crackpot solutions.

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‘Vested interests at play in the chronic disease explosion’
Australian Financial Review:
Sept 8, 2024 -2:08 pm
Tony Boyd
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Our global CEO was quoted extensively (as follows) in a great article on this critical nation building topic by Tony Boyd which heavily featured ICG and subject matter experts from the health care and nutrition sector.

[email protected] has compiled a best practice approach to wellness (lifespan and healthspan) by applying a consulting approach to the field and his report is available to any of our current and potential clients upon request at no cost. It will also form the foundation of a webinar to all friends and members later in the year.

“I started looking into the field (wellness and nutrition) and found a colourful cast of characters at every level providing a kaleidoscope of often conflicting information, with many pushing proprietary multi-supplements and expensive newfangled treatments such as stem cell therapy and young plasma transfusions,” Moloney says.

Moloney believes we should follow the United Kingdom and have clearer labelling of the number of calories in fast-food products, as well as launching a government-funded campaign warning against the dangers of excessive consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages. “The ravages of sugar and processed foods and seed oils have real costs to society – Australia has led the world in cigarettes but ignored these other perils,” he says.

Internal Consulting Group’s Moloney says the chronic health crisis in Australia requires the sort of political leadership shown 30 years ago when the Hawke-Keating government introduced superannuation.

“What we’ve focused on in Australia has been wealth span, which is what Paul Keating did with superannuation, but wealth span needs to be balanced with lifespan and health span,” he says.

“I’m planning to live to as close to 100 as possible because I want to spend a lot of time with my grandchildren and great-grandchildren,” he says.

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