ICG MEDIA RELEASE: ICG Business Model Update: BMU 042–Introducing Luke Wajsbrem and Jason Cowan

ICG (Internal Consulting Group) is thrilled to announce the appointment of Luke Wajsbrem (Victoria) and Jason Cowan (Queensland) to lead their states’ respective Governance, Risk & Compliance (‘GRC’) practices.

Luke and Jason each have two decades of experience working with major global brands to successfully transform risk capabilities and navigate complex risks and regulatory challenges.

Alan Hui, ICG GRC Practice Leader – Australia, says “The addition of Luke and Jason to the ICG network of 5000 consultants has been tremendous. In a short space of time, we’ve already witnessed how well they’re leveraging the ICG model for clients’ best interests in Victoria and Queensland”.

ICG CEO, David Moloney, added that in addition to bringing a wealth of experience, “Luke and Jason bring expertise in APRA prudential standards including CPS 230, privacy, cyber security, AI analytics, and AML. They also share a deep understanding of private sector and government risks and are equipped to help solve ICG’s clients’ biggest GRC problems”.


ICG’s GRC practice proposition is available to download here


For further information contact your preferred ICG professional, Luke, Jason and Alan below, or your nearest HUB:

Luke Wajsbrem  luke.wajsbrem@internalconsulting.com

Jason Cowan  jason.cowan@internalconsulting.com

Alan Hui   alan.hui@internalconsulting.com

David Moloney

Global CEO

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