The ICG Process

ICG: a faster, more cost-effective way to match business with consultants.

How It Works


ICG members market consulting projects to clients


Client requests project + gig is posted to the platform


Members have 48 hours to apply


Seller shortlists top 3


Client selects winner


Work commences

We’ve revolutionised the global consulting industry, producing better outcomes for both clients and consultants

But don’t take our word for it – find out why Forbes magazine and the Australian Financial Review agree that models like ICG give clients more choice, and consultants more flexibility.

While it is free for consultants to join ICG, they are carefully screened at this early stage of the process – saving time down the track. When a client needs a consultant, they lodge an anonymised brief online. All members with the relevant expertise are then notified. Consultants have 48 hours to respond, following which ICG undertakes the shortlisting process. Clients are then provided with the details of up to three individuals for consideration. The successful consultant/s can start work the next day. We even take care of the paperwork, keeping it simple for client and consultant alike. 

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