REISSUE -Consultant Gig #667-UK-IT-Disaster Recovery-Disaster Recovery Systems Engineer

The successful accredited professional will be accountable for:
  • Understand the client’s business plans and policies as they related to DR capability;
  • Review the current DR solution, including documentation of requirements, solution architecture, connecting services from the main site to the DR, and performance metrics;
  • Conduct performance testing;
  • Provide a detailed assessment of the current DR solution vs. current and projected future requirements based on the client’s business plans;
  • Provide a risk-weighted implementation plan as part of the overall recommendations, for example: additional documentation of processes and procedures; organization roles, responsibilities and competencies; system, network and hardware specifications for any additions required; high-level budget and timeline for implementation.
Disaster Recovery Systems Engineer 
The successful professional will primarily work with the Group CIO and European Head of Infrastructure and Security. 
The successful accredited professional will have deep experience in developing and implementing disaster recovery solutions, including developing operational models based on best practice use of technology and business processes.  
Ideally the accredited professional will have: 
  • Significant experience (7+ years) as a DR Systems Engineer and consultant working at a Director or Partner level; 
  • Multi-site DR solutions experience, including UK and European footprint;
  • Backup and recovery skills to ensure all Recovery Point Objectives and Recovery Time objectives are met;
  • Hold a current Certified Disaster Recovery Engineer (C/DRE) certification or equivalent;
  • Be experienced with the client’s technology stack
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills; 
  • Experience working collaboratively with senior executive teams in co-developing operational change.


  • Start Date: Commence 24 February, 2020
  • Duration: 10-12 weeks
  • Location: The client location is in the UK, but travel may be required to other locations in the UK and Europe.
  • Rate: Daily gross rate between  £1,200 and £1,400. Final amount to be negotiated with client.
  • Closes: 20/02/2020, 5pm AEDT

Ref: BAF UK-667-IT-Disaster Recovery Systems Engineer