ICG IN THE MEDIA: Australian Financial Review: Consulting firms struggle to fill roles

Australian Financial Review
Sept 15,2021-5.00am
Edmund Tadros

The consulting industry is experiencing a growth spurt and as a consequence staff are being stretched and the hiring teams at consulting firms are working hard. Many are contacting ICG for assistance.

Our global CEO was quoted extensively (as follows) in a great article on this topic by Edmund Tadros which featured only ICG and the major consulting brands.

The increase in client demand for advisers was being driven by increased regulation, governance concerns and business leaders wanting to prepare for the post-pandemic world, said David Moloney, founder and CEO of Internal Consulting Group, an online platform for senior consultants.

“We have seen significant growth everywhere [we operate in the world] except Asia which is still in lockdown. Mostly pleasingly, our UK revenues have doubled since they came out of lockdown, and we expect to see similar growth as other countries do the same,” Mr Moloney said.

He said the “convergence of demand from clients” was due to the “backlog of regulatory changes all needing to be pushed through”; increased client interest in environmental, social and governance issues; and companies ”investing in COVID exit strategies and resetting [their] business models for a vaccinated world”.

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