ICG IN THE MEDIA: ‘Transformation as usual’ is here to stay

ARTICLE TITLE: ‘Transformation as usual’ is here to stay

Publication Name: Australian Financial Review

Date: 7/2/2019

Author: David Moloney

Summary of Article: ICG has been significantly featured in Australia’s most prestigious Business Magazine. BOSS.

Consultants are constantly inventing fads in an effort to create new services to sell. The question is: which ones are worthy of your investment when so many fall by the wayside or get superseded by a new model?

I believe that “transformation as usual”, or TAU, is a term that is here to stay. The old “business as usual” (BAU) won’t cut it in a business environment that is moving at breakneck speed.

TAU speaks to the need to respond to ever-changing demands in business at a speed and magnitude that hasn’t previously been required. Every company needs one or more types of transformation program operating at some level on an ongoing basis.

In my experience, there are at least seven types of transformation: cost, customer, business model, digital, agile, cultural and functional. The most ambitious programs combine several of these.

These programs can and should be applied at different levels. Most commonly they are implemented across the entire business, but they can also be applied to an underperforming division or function, or to an individual team.