​Consultant Gig #788–UK/EU–Experienced Auditing Techniques Expert

This organisation needs to develop a training programme covering 2nd party audit–methodologies, techniques and tools, which is in response to a New Quality Assurance scheme being implemented.

Candidates are expected to be experienced communications experts with experience in 2nd party audit and training executives and staff in this area. The training should allow non-audit trained staff to plan and perform an effective second-party audit, compile audit reports, and close out findings.


They are looking to cover off the following topics across a workshop-style training programme:

  • What is 2nd party auditing?
  • What is the role of a 2nd party auditor?
  • How can the organisation introduce this auditing scheme?
  • What tools are needed? (both auditing techniques as well as checklists etc)
  • How to coordinate input from different departments?
  • How to interpret audit findings? Formulating and follow-up of action plans

The trainer(s) should have experience in training on audits and possibly the introduction of new auditing schemes. It is desirable to have practical, hands-on expertise in the field in different contexts, with also proven experiences in education and training, ideally for the public sector. The training workshop should focus on the practical approach of implementing a Quality Assurance scheme, rather than focusing on theoretical knowledge.



Start:  A two-day workshop, taking place in September before their quality assurance programme begins (dates can be flexible to October), and is open to suggestions from the trainer with regards to specific course topics.
Location: Cologne, Germany, and/or can take place remotely.
Rate: The net rate is expected to be EUR 700 per diem plus any VAT for delivering the training, and EUR 600 per diem plus any VAT up to a maximum of three days to develop the training materials.  
A  2-day workshop (approx. 6 days development) with possibility of further training and/or consultancy advice after a few months of putting the training into practice.

Close date: No later than Monday 26th July 2021 5pm, BST