Consultant Gig #711-Global-UNICEF Bangkok–ICT & Digital Innovation Consultant

The main objective of this assignment is to develop a standard process and playbook for UNICEF’s Business Relationship Management (BRM) for integrating T4D (Technology for Development) and digital innovations that embody the Principles of Digital Development into UNICEF programme designs. This standard process is meant to serve as an important step in mainstreaming the use of technology intoProgramming at UNICEF.

UNICEF currently does not have standard processes for T4D field implementation at the project level. This can be improved upon by establishment of a strategic, scalable, and sustainable approach to guiding and streamlining digital transformation within the organization. The current proposal seeks to develop this framework to assist UNICEF ICT/T4D staff and programme teams in harnessing the power of technology and making it integral to programme design, implementation and monitoring and evaluation.


Candidates will be expected to have at least 6 years relevant experience and will need to be able
 to work with key UNICEF ICT and programme staff at various business levels to understand the need and ways to best incorporate technological solutions in UNICEF programming and bring together findings and existing best practises and processes in the implementation and scaling of T4D solutions in programmes.  The vendor guided by UNICEF will need to be able develop the content for the BRM playbook (guidelines, standard operating procedures, templates and training modules). Candidates would be expected to have a can do attitude and collaborative and inclusive working style.Candidates will possess:
  • 6+years of professional work experience at national and international levels focusing on ICT and digital innovation including experience in needs assessment, developing frameworks/guidelines based on assessments, and curriculum
  • development of product roadmaps 
  • extensive experience (5+ years) with professional software engineering practises and best practises for the full software development life cycle 
  • extensive experience of ICT/T for Development (& humanitarian) sector (UN, EC,charities, government bodies, etc.)

Start date: The first phase contract duration is 1st December 2020 to 31st May 2021, with a possibility of a phase II from June to December 2021.

Location: The assignment will be completed at the contractor’s premises. The contractor will be responsible for acquiring resources and facilities required for its completion. Please note that if travel is expected as part of the assignment, it must be approved by UNICEF in advance.

Rate: Current market rates based on skills and experience, plus VAT.

Applications close: Monday 2nd November, 5pm AEDT