Consultant Gig #781–AUS–Engagement Manager–Manufacturing Optimization–Transport

Lead a multi-stream project team, working with a Partner team and global SME network.

Key Deliverables:

  • Managing and/or executing of individual project modules.
  • Developing hypotheses, managing data collection, model creation and analyses, conducting primary and secondary research, creatively tackling information limitations, and surfacing insights.
  • Supporting the Partner group in project delivery through accurate and high-quality case execution
  • Managing client relationships relevant to project execution, presenting to a wide range of audiences, and working day-to-day with clients and other stakeholders.
  • Reporting to Engagement Managers and Principals, effectively seeking guidance on technical and senior-level steer to projects
  • Coaching consultants and helping them develop their skill sets

Skills and experience required:

  • Expert in organization design, operating model transformation and change management in manufacturing industries
  • Organizational redesign and transformation
  • Identification of core activities and processes
  • Design of central support functions
  • Change management (roadmap, sequencing, dependencies etc.)
  • Engineering and (quantitative, performance–focused) manufacturing process expert
  • Manufacturing performance analysis
  • Productivity assessment, downstream–upstream activity analyses (Takt time etc.)
  • Deep shop-floor understanding
  • Lean, six–sigma
  • Manufacturing operating model understanding (maturity, scalability, common–central processes, what works–does not, what radical change looks like)
  • Autonomous Production–Repair Unit (APRUs)
  • Value Stream Mapping (VA–NVA analysis)
  • MPS–Scheduling
  • Quality control
  • Common standards definitions
  • Diagnostics and implementation methods
  • Knowledge transmission and autonomy assessments
  • Continuous improvement of processes: root cause analysis, problem–solving, new practice deployment
  • Australian citizen


Start: Starting 30 August. Duration 8–weeks

Location: Australia Any necessary travel required by the client within Australia to be covered (and as allowed by current state government travel restrictions).

Rates: The daily rate will be negotiated with the consultant

Close date: No later than Monday 19 July 2021, 5pm AEST