Consultant Gig #825–Bangkok–Real Estate Due Diligence Analyst

The successful accredited professional will undertake desk-based and physical due diligence on an operational building and several greenfield sites in Greater Bangkok, writing a thorough due diligence report as required by the client. Optimally, the accredited professional will be familiar with data center assets and their physical development requirements. Key assignments will include:

  • As-built design review on any buildings/structures
  • Physical site walk-through, including capturing photos of key features and surrounds
  • Document variations and create exception punch list
  • Notation of facilities/infrastructure/hazards within the surrounding areas of potential properties
  • Completion of a due diligence report on each property

Real Estate Due Diligence Analyst:

The successful accredited professional will work directly with the ICG Principal to complete the due diligence process.

The successful accredited professional will have significant experience in physical real estate, including having conducted/participated in multiple acquisition due diligence studies. They will also be familiar with data centers and their unique requirements from a site, building, and operational perspective.



Start: The targets are located in Bangkok, Thailand. The selected accredited professional will be expected to attend 2-3 days on-site in Greater Bangkok. The due diligence process is 1-2 weeks. Starting 4th January 2022.

Location: Bangkok, Due to COVID-19 restrictions, only local candidates will be considered. Travel and accommodation could be covered for an exceptional candidate located elsewhere in Thailand.

Rates: Final amount to be negotiated with the client, depending on level of experience and seniority of the Real Estate Due Diligence Analyst.

Close date: No later than Friday 24th December 2021, 5pm AEST





Consultant Gig #915–SYDNEY–Banking–Senior Credit Manager SME Segment

An ICG client in the financial services industry is looking for deep-secured credit lending expertise in the SME segments. They evaluating opportunities in the commercial lending space to, and need a very experienced senior credit manager with substantial experience within and across commercial lending.

Consultant Gig #905–UK–Experienced Energy Supply Company Consultants

Our global strategic partner’s Energy Team is looking to enhance the package of services it offers to energy supply companies (‘ESCs’) by partnering with individuals/boutiques with specific experience of raising debt and/or equity, or running M&A processes, for energy suppliers. Whilst our strategic partner has a strong M&A offering, advising ESCs is quite niche. We think broadening the web of contacts and experience in the sector will help make our offer even more compelling.

Energy suppliers in the UK have faced significant financial pressure over recent years, with over 30 exiting the market during 2021.

Consultant Gig #904–UK–Experienced Digital Transformation–ERP Programme Director

Our global strategic partner has client that has recently commenced a Digital Transformation Programme (based around an IFS implementation) and their existing contract Programme Director has had to leave. The programme is in a ‘broadly positive’ place and they are hoping to go live with the initial implementation in Sep/Oct 2023. They are looking for a replacement Programme Director to help them for an extended period (12 months minimum).