GONG: ICG Completes Mortgage Broker Strategy

One of the pioneers of the broking industry retained ICG to develop a transformative strategy in order to respond to significant new regulatory and digitisation head winds.

A joint client and ICG team comprising a c-suite executive, a senior ICG strategist, a senior ICG job manager and a senior ICG analyst designed and executed a comprehensive 12 week strategy formulation process that included global and local trends research, building an economic model of the business, reviewing the company’s strengths, weaknesses and change capabilities,  and exploring the gamut of relevant and feasible tactical and strategic options.

The resulting complete package of revised vision, mission, strategy, initiative playbook, and business case was fully endorsed by the board and CEO and is now being implemented by the client with a revitalised executive team. The client has also retained ICG to conduct comprehensive customer journey research across is major business lines.