ICG UK wins advisory role for global travel membership organisation as it re-organises and re-shapes its regional marketing organisation

Having supported this business over the last four years as it developed and implemented a new customer strategy based on ICG’s Customer Needs Solution, ICG has been asked to provide advisory support as the organisation re-shapes and transforms its regional marketing infrastructure and resources to better meet the needs of its customers.


ICG launches a new Hospitality Practice in Europe

ICG plans to meet the needs of hospitality organisations who are working on how to survive the pandemic and then thrive in what will become the ‘new normal’ for both business and leisure travel.

ICG UK launches new Local Government Practice

The team has a proven track record of working with those delivering services on the front line to create better outcomes for the public.  The team’s unparalleled experience also encompasses those that work to deliver a better quality of life for local residents, whilst at the same time delivering required savings.