GONG 051-ICG Ranked by the Financial Times as one of the UK’s leading consultant platforms for the 3rd year running.

We want to advise you of an exciting accolade for ICG, based on the most recent annual Financial Times survey of consulting firms and platforms. For the 3rd year running, ICG has been listed amongst the leading consultancy networks in the FT survey published in late February.

The accreditation amongst the Leading consultancy networks is a testament to ICG’s UK leadership team and all of ICG’s UK based professionals who have been engaged in ICG work last year and are to be congratulated for this great result.

As a short reminder of ICG UK’s history:

  • The UK hub opened in 2012
  • Serves more than 50 clients regularly
  • Serves some of the UK’s largest companies, including national High Street retailers, global credit reference agencies, global insurers, the NHS and many other organisations across both commercial and public sectors
  • In 2020 merged with the highly regarded UK and Europe-based customer experience boutique iCustomer Limited
  • In 2021 signed a major partnership with a leading global professional services firm to meet its need for agile professionals
  • In 2022 signed a partnership with the leading UK retail trade organisation
  • In 2023, signed partnership agreements with a leading employee engagement benchmarking organisation and one of the fastest growing AI technology businesses

ICG London is a peer to our other major Hubs in Toronto, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland.

ICG has deployed unbundled and bundled consulting solutions to clients in over 20 countries, including Japan, Mexico, Sweden, the UAE and also international teams to match our client’s multi-domestic and global footprints.

If you are a consultant wishing to add virtual scale to your services and access leading client panels and collaborate with colleagues around the globe, please contact your closest HUB via www.internalconsulting.com

If you are a client and wish to access consultants with an average of 10 years more consulting experience at a price point unmatched by the branded firms, either as individual SMEs or in specific agile teams matched to your needs, then contact your closest ICG HUB via www.internalconsulting.com

Please contact Jonathan Mindell (jonathan.mindell@internalconsulting.com) or Stephen Hewett (stephen.hewett@internalconsulting.com) to learn more about what the UK Hub can do to support your consulting needs or consulting business.


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ICG Ranked by the Financial Times

The purpose of this GONG is to advise you of an exciting accolade for our UK colleagues based on the most recent annual Financial Times survey of consulting firms and platforms.

Some exciting news for ICG North America!

The purpose of this GONG is to advise you of some exciting news for ICG in the US and Canada.
In the next few weeks, we will be launching a new initiative with a large professional services firm providing resources for their advisory efforts in the USA.