ICG launches a new Hospitality Practice in Europe

Across Europe, the leisure and hospitality sector is going through the toughest of times, suffering some of the greatest impacts from Covid-19.  Yet as we have seen in the past, it is a sector that often rebounds from the harshest of downturns, although not always with all the organisations intact.  Even now, though, the most alert and agile of hospitality organisations are working on how to survive the pandemic and then thrive in what will become the ‘new normal’ for both business and leisure travel.

It is precisely at this point in the cycle that many organisations need help and support, as well as direction and guidance.  This is why we are launching a Hospitality Practice across the UK and Europe, in order that our experienced and skilled team of consultants can offer that support and guidance that many firms in the sector require in order to rise up again.

As we form this new practice, Alan Rogers, who has recently joined ICG, is becoming Practice Leader for the Hospitality Sector. Alan brings 25 years of experience within hospitality along with a strong background in aviation, banking and telecoms. Having operated in 56 countries and hundreds of cities, Alan also brings an extensive international network contacts in many market sectors. His area of expertise in hospitality cuts across sales, operations, customer experience & engagement and he has worked with some of the biggest and best brands in the hospitality sector.

Historically, the hotel sector has been a trend setter for customer-centred service delivery. Major brands have grown and prospered through service excellence, brand and customer loyalty. We believe that there are lessons from hospitality that can cross over to a number of other sectors including retailing, where ICG already has a strong track record.

Commenting on the launch of the new practice, Alan Rogers said “I am excited that the hospitality sector can contribute to other sectors by assisting in developing guest centric organisations. Post Covid-19 trends show consumer behaviour demanding exclusivity and personalisation, increased levels of service and higher expectations. Now is the time to show focus, purpose, innovation, diversity and engage quickly and effectively with guests, communities and markets with a coordinated and coherent approach”.

For further information or to join this new Hospitality Practice, contact Alan Rogers, European Hospitality Practice Leader at [email protected]


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