Investment Fund Industry Analysis

One of Australia’s leading for purpose investment funds selected ICG and its patented BAF® process to identify fit for purpose consultants for a gig to complete deep industry analysis in the education and aged care sectors.

An ICG team systematically completed the analysis to a very high standard which was commended by the client who reported “This is very deep analysis completed in a very timely and cost effective manner that we couldn’t have done without ICG’s help”.

ICG regularly works across many industry sectors and has completed major strategy and transformation work in both aged care and education.

One co-director of the fund was so impressed by ICG’s model that he immediately proposed we get involved in another gig in New Zealand which is the subject of a forthcoming gong.


GONG: Merger of the ICG UK Business with iCustomer

The global partners welcome the merger of the ICG UK Business with iCustomer, a leading European boutique who have successfully developed and deployed the CNS proposition to leading clients across Europe and ICG clients as far away as Toronto.