Consultant Gig #699-Australia, UK, Canada & NZ- Senior Consultant/Researcher

Candidates are expected to be senior researchers with strong experience in market structure research and consultancy, with a focus on the regulation, integrity and efficiency of financial markets.  To fulfil these requirements, personnel are likely to have either an academic research background, or similar experience within the financial services industry.


The key areas of work and expertise that the successful candidate could provide, under the direction of the client , would relate to the following themes: 

1. Listed financial market structure, dynamics and evolution; 
2. Financial product innovations, target investors and structural issues;
3. FICC and OTC market structure and integrity. 
Candidates would be expected to undertake research and technical expertise to contribute to internal papers, external publications and policy development on financial market structure issues.
  • Start date: Work is likely to commence after 30th September 2020.
  • Duration: This is estimated to be 30 days per annum. The contract duration is 3 years.
  • Location: Due to the constraints of the current pandemic, the work can take place globally.  The successful candidate would be expected to attend remote meetings with regulator’s staff and representatives of the industry, as required.
  • Rate: Candidates will be paid a per diem rate in line with prevailing market rates, plus applicable sales tax. The contracts are anticipated to be outside IR 35.