Consultant Gig #712-AKL-Business Processes Parcel & Mail Expert

The request is for IP related to process designs and descriptions, consultation on what entails best practice.  The work will contribute to a new operating model and process design, underlining a significant capital investment.



The successful accredited professional will be accountable for:


  • Providing documentation on end-to-end parcel processing, physical and management processes, including key success factors and KPI’s;
  • Providing documentation on end-to-end mail processing, physical and management processes, including key success factors and KPI’s;
  • Description of best practice for each process and process stage, with supporting real-world examples;
  • Commenting on client practices and maturity levels.  

Business Processes Parcel & Mail Expert.


The successful professional will provide IP in the form of process designs and descriptions, key success factors and KPI’s for Parcel and mail handling, including:

  • First/last mile;
  • Processingcenters;
  • Depots;
  • Physical handling and management processes, for example:
    – Ingest;
    – Sort;
    – Track & Trace;
    – Network Management;
    – Revenue Management;
    – Transport Management.
The successful accredited professional will have experience working in an automated sorting and logistics environment, as a senior process engineer or network manager. 

Ideally the accredited professional will have:


  • Significant experience (10 plus years) as a senior process engineer or network manager in a parcel and/or mail processing environment; 
  • Excellent analytic skills and the ability to interact with and coach others;
  • Good written and verbal communications skills; 
  • Experience working collaboratively with executive teams and technical specialists.

Start date: The engagement will commence immediately and last 6-12  months, working ½ time.

Location: The client location is Auckland, however it is expected appropriate resource will be offshore and able to work remotely.

Rate:  A deliverable may be business process IP and a rate can be negotiated for this. For IP plus consulting services a final amount is to be negotiated with the client, however, depending on level of experience and seniority, the daily gross rate range for the Business Processes Parcel & Mail Expert would be US$1,000- $1600.

Applications close: Wednesday 3rd November, 5pm AEDT