GONG: ICG launches crisis consulting toolkit to assist our 5,000+ members meet the needs of their clients

JFK was famous for observing that the Chinese character for a crisis is a portmanteau of the two characters for Danger and Opportunity. As we pivot to the latter, the global partners have prepared a compilation of their best ideas on relevant crisis response consulting propositions to clients for our members to use to generate work.

Each template contains an overview of the idea and the name of the senior professional who contributed the idea. Most also contain a generalised email template that you can customise to send to your clients, and where appropriate, details of supporting merchandising and marketing materials.

These ideas are for you to use to create relevant consulting opportunities during this crisis. We encourage you to review them, pick the ones that you think will best resonate with your client contacts and outbound to them with an offer to discuss. In my experience it makes a huge difference if the person who generated the idea or product is on the phone with you to your client, so if you land a virtual meeting, be sure to reach out to the idea catalyst, even if it is only to get a full briefing yourself.

This Crisis Toolkit is now housed on the GDRIVE in a new folder aptly titled ‘Crisis’ and contains the document and in time the supporting brochures and scripts. To access the Crisis folder click here.

This folder is accessible to Members only. Should you wish to become a member contact your local HUB or Sherree Schmidt here

Stay safe.

The Global Partners


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