GONG: ICG launches HR Directors Forum to share impacts and actions arising from COVID-19

Greg Barnier, ICG’s Human Capital Practice Leader, launched ICG’s first HR Directors Forum to share the impacts of and discuss how to move forward in the context of the COVID-19 environment. The first session was attended by a number of Australia’s leading HR practitioners and focused on sharing:

  1. The impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on HR practitioners across different industries; and
  2. Actions different HR practitioners were taking to address these impacts

The topic of the first meeting established where different organisations were placed in David Ulrich’s four phases of crisis management and what would the new normal look like when people returned to work and how were organisations planning to get there.

Greg Barnier, a former senior HR executive in both the public and private sector, facilitated the session and defined the objectives of the session as, “a forum….for genuine sharing and problem solving…and a safe place to discuss challenges and issues”

For more information, and to ensure you book your place at the next session, please contact [email protected]


GONG: Merger of the ICG UK Business with iCustomer

The global partners welcome the merger of the ICG UK Business with iCustomer, a leading European boutique who have successfully developed and deployed the CNS proposition to leading clients across Europe and ICG clients as far away as Toronto.