GONG: ICG wins project to facilitate C-Suite Strategy Workshops at a Regional Bank

ICG wins an engagement to facilitate C-suite strategy workshops at a regional bank that aspires to grow nationally by moving to a more digital approach .

A regional state branch based bank retained ICG to facilitate C-suite strategy workshops prior to developing detail implementation plans.  The CEO wanted independent advisors to stretch their thinking, establish clear objectives and facilitate buy-in.

An ICG team comprising two senior professionals, one with extensive banking operations experience and the other with strategy and transformation experience facilitated a series of C-suite workshops designed to hone their strategy into a clear vision, mission and establish a set of performance objectives.  The team worked with the CEO to structure the workshops and content and guide the C-suite team through a series of exercises designed to build clarity and support.

The result was workshop content, facilitation and a consensus to the strategy.  This included proposed changes to the organisation structure, processes and KPIs and a high level implementation roadmap.

Please contact your preferred ICG Consultant or one of our global partners for further information.

Auckland – Marc Potter – [email protected]internalconsulting.com
London – Jonathan Mindell –[email protected]internalconsulting.com
Melbourne – John Lavacca – [email protected]
Singapore – Wade Azmy – [email protected]internalconsulting.com
Sydney Himanshu – [email protected]internalconsulting.com
Toronto – Gerry – [email protected]internalconsulting.com



GONG: Merger of the ICG UK Business with iCustomer

The global partners welcome the merger of the ICG UK Business with iCustomer, a leading European boutique who have successfully developed and deployed the CNS proposition to leading clients across Europe and ICG clients as far away as Toronto.