GONG: ICG wins project to review organisation structure to align with a digital delivery model

ICG has won a strategy review of the proposed organisation structure of a bank moving to a full digital delivery model.

A pioneer second-tier bank retained ICG to review a new organisation structure prior to implementation.  The board wanted an independent assessment of the proposed structure.

An ICG team comprising three senior professionals, one with extensive banking experience and the others with operating model and organisation design experience worked with the CEO and CXO to assess the proposed model and identify pros, cons, and alternative structures.  The project team conducted a global scan to understand trends in organisation and structure for similar organisations and identified adjustments and KPIs to improve execution.

The result was a detailed final report for the C-Suite and summary report for the board.  The board approved the new structure and progressed to implementation.

Please contact your preferred ICG Consultant or one of our global partners for further information.

Auckland – Marc Potter – [email protected]internalconsulting.com
London – Jonathan Mindell –[email protected]internalconsulting.com
Melbourne – John Lavacca – [email protected]
Singapore – Wade Azmy – [email protected]internalconsulting.com
Sydney Himanshu – [email protected]internalconsulting.com
Toronto – Gerry – [email protected]internalconsulting.com



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