GONG: Major collections practices benchmarking, review and implementation

One of Australia’s leading financial institutions hired ICG to complete a detailed review of all of their collections practices. This included manual, semi-automated, and automated activities across all channels and a dialler.

A joint client and ICG team systematically worked through gaps to world’s best practices, proven Australian best practices, and target best practices to develop a gap analysis and prioritisation program.

ICG was further hired to support the implementation of phase 1 and 2 recommendations leading to further refinements and successful implementation of all recommendations. The project was described by the Bank Sponsor as an important and timely up-lift in a critical capability for the Bank.


GONG: Merger of the ICG UK Business with iCustomer

The global partners welcome the merger of the ICG UK Business with iCustomer, a leading European boutique who have successfully developed and deployed the CNS proposition to leading clients across Europe and ICG clients as far away as Toronto.