ICG UK launches new Local Government Practice

ICG meets UK Local Government Transformation Needs by assembling a deeply experienced team and innovative solutions to form its new Local Government Practice.

With the impending and significant structural changes to the way local government in the UK is run, and the key objective of meeting evolving Citizens’ needs at best value, ICG is forming a new Local Government Practice.  Headed by Graham Simmons, who has 30 years’ experience of consulting in the public sector, ICG has recruited a wide range of expertise to create a Local Government team with unrivalled knowledge and experience of local government. With access to ICGs wide range of innovative solutions, including its Citizens Needs Solution methodology that incorporates tens of thousands of local government Needs Statements, the team is uniquely placed to support the current and future transformation of the way in which local government is organised and managed.

The team has a proven track record of working with those delivering services on the front line to create better outcomes for Citizens.  The team’s unparalleled experience also encompasses those that work to deliver a better quality of life for local residents, whilst at the same time delivering required savings.

Commenting on the launch of the new practice, Graham Simmons said that “ICG’s unique focus on Citizens’ Needs and the requirement to engage with and support local communities, will bring a fresh and relevant perspective to the way public sector provisioning should be organised. We expect many local authorities will be interested in focussing their transformation programmes on delivering excellence in the way that they meet the Needs of their Citizens”

For further information or to join this new Local Government Practice, contact Graham Simmons, Local Government Practice Leader at [email protected]


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